Make your audio video.

Quickly and easily generate video versions of your sound recordings to share on video networks, social media, and mobile devices.

What is an art track video?

An "art track" is simply a visual solution to package audio content as video media in order to attract and engage audiences in the "Age of Visual Culture" where good sounds are getting lost in all the noise. With art track videos, audio content can go anywhere that video content can be consumed.

Package your sounds as art track videos and your creations can go anywhere that video can go. It’s like a video space suit ;)


Increase your reach and grow your fanbase. Bigger platforms mean access to bigger

socially-connected audiences.


Make money from streams of your audio content on platforms like YouTube where billions of views are happening every day.


Audio visuals for every artist.

Converting a sound recording into an audiovisual media format like video has never been easier. In the ‘Age of Visual Culture,’ capitalize on the demand for music and audio content on video platforms, social networks, and mobile devices. With ArtTracks, the creation of art track videos is no longer a hassle and accessible to everyone.

Easily access your audio and Import from your computer, Gmail and many more. You can even record it from your mic.

Upload Audio

Make your audio content stand out with visual design templates. Use artwork, photos, and even animated GIFs.

Add Artwork

Press a button, we take it from here. Once your video has been created, it will be available for download and publishing.

Make Video

It’s simple, really. Essentially, we sync your music or sound recording with any image, photo, or artwork you choose and package it as a stream-friendly video.

How it works

Streaming mobile-friendly video is fast becoming the way consumers are preferring to get their music, news, podcasts, radio shows, and other sound experiences.

Why audio as video?

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