Yes! We’ve finally launched...

In private beta, that is. Sorry, we can’t let everyone in right away. We need to make sure that we can maintain a high-level of service with fast turnarounds, so slowly but surely we’ll be letting more and more artist creators in. 

If you are interested in participating in our Early Access Program as an artist, record label, distributor, aggregator, producer, DJ, songwriter, music publisher, or marketer then please request an invite down below.

An MP3Vidi Product

Audio visuals for every artist.

Turning a sound recording into an audiovisual format like video has never been easier. In the ‘Age of Visual Culture,’ capitalize on the demand for music and audio content on video platforms, social networks and mobile. With ArtTracks, the creation of art track videos is no longer a hassle.

Sign up to test-drive the ArtTracks’ art track video creation suite and automate your audio visual creations before everyone else. If you've ever had to distribute audio to places like YouTube, then ArtTracks is for you. There is a list, so access won't be immediate. We apologize, we’re trying to get everyone in as fast as possible.

Gain early access

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